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CHAPTER 0001 "Let there be... Ergo"

In the beginning there was nothing… Only empty space… Until the singularity event occurred, a single line of code was written… The Cyberverse was created. A MetaLand where life soon began to flourish, animals roamed freely, nature untamed and untouched. Years passed when advanced lifeforms began banding together, forming the first civilisations. Over time it was only natural they then began to question their own existence, looking within themselves they soon discovered the Code “Ergo”. A life-force that became their belief system, everything they based their lives off, and became one with. It was from this connection that technology began advancing at a rapid rate, an experimental life, becoming CyberCitizens.

With the burning desire for advancing tech it didn’t take long for CyberCitizens to reach all corners of the Cyberverse, population expanding, technology evolving. Progress was happening so rapidly some citizens began questioning the ways of the old, believing in varying paths forward, thus creating different lines of code. Following different ideals, separation became a common trend over the MetaLand, causing it to fork into 7 lands.

CHAPTER 0010 "War, what is it good for?"

Even after the MetaLands were split into 7, each one was further divided into “Districts”, creating more separation and disconnection between CyberCitizens. With so much conflict it was only a matter of time before war broke out, the First CyberWar swarmed every land, affected every living Citizen in one way or another, it was the first time any living entity had seen destruction on a global scale, but it wouldn’t be the last. Barely a decade after the First CyberWar ended radicals from all sides moved into power, unresolved matters and tempers flaring the Second CyberWar, also known as the “Tech War” began. Advanced military tech and machinery bringing about death like the Cyberverse had never seen, ultimately ending with the demise of millions from all Lands.

Devastation and disbelief stemmed from the CyberWars, some believed in was a necessity, others called for all records to be deleted from the “Infinity Archives”. Either way citizens began re-connecting, setting aside their differences for a common belief. A peace declaration was agreed upon and signed by all 7 lands, resulting in a time of peace that would last over a century “The Golden Age”. Without conflict the Lands began to heal, prosper once again. technology advancing past everyone’s wildest dreams, with exciting breakthroughs on the horizon.

CHAPTER 0011 "The Road to Robots"

With an inner desire to keep testing the boundaries of technology citizens began experimentation with Bio-Engineering and Cybergenetic Manipulation. First it began with body enhancements, robotic components to enhance the human body, replacements for arms and legs, then partial facial reconstructions. Much like body art of native tribes “Modding” your body was seen as an almost religious expression to The Code Ergo. Some humans even began to experiment with vital organs being replaced by machine parts, to a point where they were more machine than human, with Nanobots running through their veins they became known as Cyborgs.

“The next step in Evolution” came when scientists built the very first “Cell-Merger Tank”, a machine that could synthetically create life. Human DNA was entwined with Monkeys and Lizards to give birth to a whole new set of races. With so much experimentation human DNA began to morph on it’s own, bodies began growing and shaping differently, these people were later called Orcs and Elves due to their resemblance to fantasy creatures in fiction.

Humans weren’t the only ones going through revolutionary evolution, with massive computing requirements they tasked Ai with expanding alongside human intelligence. Because of this Ai sort and developed their own bodies, creating Robots to house their artificial minds. With all these evolutionary developments advancing faster than expected whole Districts and MetaLands began introducing laws like the Cybergenetic Manipulation Act to try and prevent the extinction of human beings. But these laws were too little too late, the Cyberverse population exceeded pre-war levels in only a fraction of the time.

CHAPTER 0100 "The Great Void"

No one knows exactly when “The Great Void” started, but everyone agrees the over-population crisis was the first clear indicator. Species separation caused clash of cultures and beliefs, individual wars broke out across the Cyberverse. But in the end this was only a fraction of life lost compared to millions lost to viral pandemics and billions lost to resource depletion. 99% of the Cyberverse population eradicated into oblivion in what seemed to be the blink of an eye.

The mainlands became baron, uninhabitable for most. The survival of CyberCitizens came down to a few remaining Districts working together on “The Atlanteon Project”. Building floating self-sustainable cities with ideals of old, Ergo leading the way with the soul purpose of re-strengthening and re-populating the Cyberverse. In theory this was considered the perfect idea, self-sustaining cities located all over the MetaLands. But as always human interference was it’s own demise, some cities were overcome with mutinies, fell to corruption, others lost to the elements or simply disconnected from the rest of the Cyberverse.

CHAPTER 0101 "In Cyberverse we Trust"

Present day, we find ourselves living on Cyberia, one of the very floating cities built to keep CyberCitizens alive, yet ironically looking around it appears to represent everything we lost. Learning from history has been an important step for all of us here in Cyberia, with Ergo running through us we live in harmony, continuing the goal of “The Atlanteon Project”.

Life is full of unknowns, unsure of who or what is out in the world, there very well could be other survivors on other floating cities, or even the MetaLands. But for now we stick to our ideals, our beliefs. As CyberCitizens we will continue growing, building, expanding our resources till we can spread, search and explore deeper into the Cyberverse…