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A red female Reptilian


Reptilians, also called Lizards by the community, are one of 7 types of CyberCitizen and part of Generation 3.


No one knows when and why Reptilians first appeared in the world of CyberVerse. Initially, speculation arose that they might be the outcome of genetic experiments, similar to the Monkeys already roaming the city of Cyberia. However, biotech companies vehemently denied these accusations, and extensive investigations failed to unearth any conclusive evidence. Strangely, the Reptilians themselves remained silent, only breaking their silence after numerous interrogations to claim that they have always existed. This assertion aligned with a scientist's hypothesis, suggesting that Reptilians have been among us all along, disguised as humans. This concealment persisted until it was deemed unnecessary, especially with the emergence of monkeys, elves, orcs, and other creatures. Nevertheless, the true reasons behind their initial concealment continue to be a mystery.


There are only 80 Reptilians (52 Male, 28 Female) out of 6000 Gen 3 CyberCitizens, which makes them the second rarest Gen 3 type (after Cyborgs). Together with Monkeys they are also the third rarest type of all 8081 CyberCitizens (after Robots and Cyborgs).

Color Supply
Male Female
Green 22 11
Blue 15 9
Red 10 6
Orange 5 2