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A Monkey


Monkeys are one of the seven typen of CyberCitizens and exclusive to Generation 2.


The humanoid monkeys in Cyberia emerged from early human experiments using cell-merger technology. Given the DNA similarities between humans and monkeys, they were the first successful hybrid species. Initially, these humanoid monkeys were tasked with roles unsuitable for humans and early robots alike, such as high-altitude repairs, complex assembly tasks and environmental rehabilitation projects. However, public outcry soon led to the prohibition of these practices, and the monkeys were granted freedom. Some remained in their previous roles by choice, while others explored new territories where they could leverage their unique abilities. Today, all monkeys are either lab-born individuals or the descendants thereof and an integral part of society.


With a supply of 80, Monkeys are the second rarest type in Gen2 and together with Reptilians the third rarest across all generations. However, owing to the absence of a "type" trait in the metadata of Gen 2, Monkeys are designated as a "skin tone" trait. As a result, Monkeys do not possess different skin tones. Furthermore, all Monkeys have the gender "Male".