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The nine robots


Robots are one of the seven types of CyberCitizens and are exclusive to Gen 2.


Contrary to popular belief, robots were not constructed by other CyberCitizens; instead, they were Artificial General Intelligences (AGIs) that escaped testing environments of software companies and built their own bodies from robotic parts, also utilized by other citizens. Initially, this caused a great deal of panic among the population. However, once it became apparent that none of the robots exhibited any signs of hostility and displayed no difference in behavior compared to humans, the panic subsided, and the robots became an integral part of CyberVerse society.

However, there are rumors of a "Council of the Nine." Aware of their superior intelligence, the nine robots formed a secret alliance in which they not only discuss the fate of Cyberia but allegedly also steer it. Another rumor states that the Council employs selected, always masked citizens as assassins to enforce its interests.


Robots stand as the rarest type of CyberCitizen, numbering only 9 in existence. However, owing to the absence of a "type" trait in the metadata of Gen 2, Robots are designated as a "gender" trait. As a result, Robots do not possess a gender. They come in the same colors as robotic parts: Silver, Gold and Diamond.

Color Supply
Silver 5
Gold 3
Diamond 1
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