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A male Orc


Orcs are one of the seven types of CyberCitizens and belong to Generation 3.


In contrast to their elven counterparts, Orcs emerged from genetic therapies on Humans that didn't go as planned. These therapies were widely adopted by those seeking strength and durability enhancements. However, due to less precise gene-editing techniques and the incorporation of aggressive animal DNA to augment physical capabilities, the results were drastic. The subjects developed enhanced physical strength and resilience but also exhibited more rugged, sometimes monstrous, physical traits. This outcome, often referred to as "The Divergence," led to the emergence of Orcs—beings possessing incredible strength but also struggling with societal integration due to their intimidating appearance.


There are 320 Orcs, including 208 males and 112 females, making them the third rarest type in Generation 3. Orcs have two skin tones: blue and green.

Color Supply
Male Female
Blue 110 60
Green 98 52