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A male Elf


Elves are one the seven types of playable CyberCitizens, and exclusive to Generation 3.


As the technology of genetic manipulation matured and became accessible to the broader public, a wave of bio-enhancement swept through society. The most successful of these endeavors was the creation of Elves. Originally ordinary humans, these individuals underwent genetic therapies aimed at enhancing physical grace, intelligence, and longevity. This successful gene therapy was often termed "The Elevation" due to its perfect integration with human DNA, leading to enhanced senses and aesthetic beauty, aligning them with mythical elves from folklore. These enhancements have made Elves highly revered in society, often seen as the epitome of genetic therapy done right.


With a supply of 1000, Elves are the second most common type of Generation 3. There are 650 Male Elves and 350 Female Elves. Elves can have the same four skin colors like Humans.

Color Supply
Male Female
White 228 122
Tanned White 196 104
Brown 162 88
Black 64 36