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CC Lore Event: Lets create CyberVerse history!

Attention CyberCitizens!

It is time to bring the world of Cyberverse to life by creating a personal background story for your CyberCitizen!

The Cyberverse Wiki is hosting a one-of-a-kind event! Submit the lore of one or more of your CyberCitizens, have your lore published on this page, and get a chance to win exciting prizes!

Starting from July 1st, everyone can submit their background stories. To be eligible to win a prize, submissions must be made by the end of July.

Please submit your stories with this form.

Are there rules?
It is encouraged to take into account the basic lore that has been created so far to keep everything canonical. If you have not read it yet, now is your chance! So far, lore has been created for all seven types of CyberCitizens, some NPCs like the Fisherman, the Wolf and the Sketchy Dealer, the CyberCar brands, and the history of the Cyberverse.

To give you an idea of how it will look, you can check out CC Lore and open NFT #0's page, which has already been created to give an example.

The text should be provided in English. However, you can write it in your native language and use ChatGPT or other AIs to translate it. It is also allowed to use AI to write the text. Feed it with your own ideas about your CyberCitizen and let it write a cohesive text for you. It is not a writing competition, after all. But keep in mind that originality is appreciated, and AI rarely comes up with that by itself.

Please include the NFT number and nickname in your submission.

There is no restriction on how many background stories can be submitted by a participant.

But what's the point?
Good question! As we know, world-building has not been a focus of the development of the CyberVerse game so far. However, in typical Ergo fashion, we as the community can create it ourselves! It is not unlikely that the development team of CyberVerse will take inspiration from your stories and include them in the official canon!
Also, who does not want their favorite NFT featured on this website with a cool backstory?

Oh, and you can also win something!

In the coming month, we will collect donations for the prize pot! Everyone is invited to donate CYPX or CyberVerse-related NFTs. So far, the prize pot is worth 50k CYPX.

We welcome contributions to the prize pool! If you'd like to donate, please send your donation to this address. Your generosity is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

The winner(s) will be decided by a jury. Jury members are pxl, founder of CyberVerse, Stokesjl, author of the history and CyberCar lore, and lexy, creator of the CyberVerse Wiki.