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Update 240207


The Wolf is an NPC who can be found at the market of Cyberia.

Players can initiate the Wolf and Sheeps Mini Game and obtain information about the daily leaderboard by speaking with him.


Once a highly skilled hacker and cyber-mercenary, Wolf was betrayed by his closest allies during a high-stakes mission. Left for dead in the wastelands outside Cyberia, he was discovered by a secretive group of bio-engineers who experimented with blending human and animal DNA. They saved his life by fusing his body with that of a genetically enhanced wolf, granting him enhanced senses, agility, and strength. Eventually, these new abilities helped him to escape the laboratory and return to Cyberia.

Wolf has the distinct look of a humanoid wolf, with piercing blue eyes that glow faintly in the dark. His fur is a mix of dark greys and blacks, interspersed with cybernetic enhancements that shimmer with an eerie blue light. He wears a sleek, dark outfit designed for agility and stealth, highlighting his role as a cunning and elusive figure in Cyberia.

Despite his dark and brooding exterior, Wolf has a quirky sense of humor and a peculiar hobby: he loves to hunt virtual sheep. This odd passion began during his time in captivity. The bio-engineers, in an attempt to study his psychological responses, subjected him to various virtual reality scenarios. One of these scenarios involved a harmless game where he had to chase sheep around a meadow.

Initially designed as a stress-relief activity, the game became a source of endless amusement for Wolf. The sheep, with their comically exaggerated expressions and bumbling movements, provided a stark contrast to the grim reality of his situation. Over time, the game became an inside joke among the engineers, who often found Wolf engrossed in the virtual chase, laughing heartily as the sheep tripped over themselves.

Recognizing the value of the skills he had developed and the harsh realities of Cyberia, Wolf decided to turn his quirky hobby into a practical training tool. He created "Wolf and Sheeps," a minigame that he now offers to other players in Cyberia. The game serves a dual purpose: providing amusement and teaching vital survival skills.

In "Wolf and Sheeps," players assume the roles of either the predator (wolf) or the prey (sheeps). The objective for the wolf is to hunt down all the sheeps within a set time limit, while the sheeps must use their wits and agility to evade capture. The game takes place in a sprawling digital landscape that mimics the chaotic and dark environment of Cyberia.