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The Fisherman is a NPC located in the west of Cyberia, just in front of the Spectrum Farms. He sells and buys items related to Fishing.


The player can buy three items from the Fisherman, which are neccessary to craft fishing rods.

Item Price (CYPX)
Fishing Line 14
Hooks 10
Reel 10


The player can sell items in limited amounts to the Fisherman. Offers range from 80% to 170% of the base price. Offers are updated every six hours. For unlimited sells, players can search for the Sketchy Dealer.

Item Base Price (CYPX)
Fishing Line 7
Hooks 5
Reel 5
Circuit Pike 4
Cybernetic Salmon 4
Neon Trout 5
Binary Bass 5
Holo Herring 9
Glitchfin 9
Quantum Tuna 15


In the neon-lit metropolis of Cyberia, where the lines between humanity and technology blur, there exists an eccentric merchant known simply as the Fisherman. Wearing a distinctive cowboy hat, glasses, and a black jacket, he stands out among the bustling streets, specializing in the trade of cybernetic fish.

The Fisherman, whose real name remains a mystery, was once a brilliant marine biologist in a world transformed by technology. Fascinated by the ocean’s depths, he spent his youth studying marine life, especially the peculiar cybernetic salmon, neon trouts, and quantum tuna that evolved as technology merged with nature. However, as corporations began exploiting the sea for profit, the Fisherman grew disillusioned with science’s role in destroying the natural world he loved.

Driven by a desire to protect the unique fish species he adored, he set up shop in a quiet corner of the bustling city, vowing to only trade ethically-sourced fish and promote sustainable fishing practices. To maintain his principles, the Fisherman decided he would only buy fish, never sell them. He became known for purchasing any fish-related items or catches, from holo herings to quantum tuna, but he never offered these fish to the market.

The reason for this eccentric behavior stems from the Fisherman's love for the ocean's creatures and his desire to protect them. The Fisherman is actually quite wealthy, having inherited a significant fortune from his father, who got rich by founding one of these fishing corporations, exploiting the oceans. With his riches, he built a state-of-the-art underwater habitat just outside Cyberia, where he keeps all the fish he buys, hoping to rectify his father's actions and make amends for the damage caused by his father’s corporation.

This luxurious marine sanctuary, which he whimsically calls "The Fisherman's Refuge," is where he releases all the fish he buys, returning them to their natural habitat. The fish live in comfort, free from the dangers of overfishing or pollution, thanks to the Fisherman's dedication.