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CyberCars are playable NFTs used in the Racing minigame.

Rarity and Performance

Each CyberCar possesses three distinct attributes: acceleration (indicating its rate of speed increase), maximum speed, and lateral speed (representing its velocity in left and right movements). Presently, the Vexel Nomad Mini holds the title of the slowest CyberCar, while the Cyberlykos Hyperspeed claims the crown for the fastest.
In Update 240707 the weight and tier attributes were added.

*Vexel Nomad Mini can be rented in-game for one day for 300 CYPX.

Max Speed
Lateral Speed
Vexel Nomad Mini* 103 Crates, Mint Calender Event 23 1 40 1.6 250 1
LYNX Classic 94 Crates, Mint Calender Event 23 1.1 47 1.8 350 1
LYNX Series 1 77 Crates, Mint Calender Event 23 1.2 50 2 350 1
Hyron Vision 7x 69 Crates, Mint Calender Event 23 1.2 50 2 325 1
Apex Dominator 54 Crates, Mint Calender Event 23 1.3 53 2.2 375 1
BlitzMach Vector 3 38 Crates, Mint Calender Event 23 1.3 53 2.2 350 1
Pulsar 919 18 Crates, Mint Calender Event 23 1.5 57 2.6 350 2
Ferrion Synthossa 13 Crates, Mint Calender Event 23 1.5 57 2.6 300 2
Hyron Vision Supercar 11 Crates 1.6 60 2.8 350 2
Hyron Vision Supercar Cabrio 8 Crates, Mint Calender Event 23 1.6 60 2.8 325 2
Axiom R89 6 Crates, Mint Calender Event 23 1.7 67 3 300 2
Ferrion Flux 4 Crates, Mint Calender Event 23 1.75 73 3.1 300 2
Raven Rhexis 3 Crates, Mint Calender Event 23 1.6 60 2.8 400 2
BladeTech Veyronix 2 Crates 1.78 65 3 280 2
Neo-Sigma Elite 1 Crates 1.66 62 3 400 2
Cyberlykos Drift 21 Mint Calender Event 23 1.58 70 2.9 325 2
Cyberlykos Truck 18 Mint Calender Event 23 1.68 75 2.9 500 2
Hyron Vision 7x Sport 12 Mint Calender Event 23 1.70 78 3 300 2
Cyberlykos Hyperspeed 2 Mint Calender Event 23 1.80 85 3.2 290 2
Hyron RX-ADA 69 ADA Mint Event 24 1.59 66 2.86 325 2
Hyron RX-ERG 48 Monthly Leaderboard Reward 1.6 67 2.9 325 2
Noder GT 23 ADA Mint Event 24 1.62 67 2.9 300 2
Hasher SFX 26 ADA Mint Event 24 1.63 70 2.9 350 2
Pulsar 919 Turbo 20 ADA Mint Event 24 1.74 74 2.9 290 2
BlitzMach Warthog 34 ADA Mint Event 24 1.66 62 2.8 380 2
Neo-Sigma The Lovelace 1 ADA Mint Event 24 1.63 60 2.9 390 2
Bearus G-Unit 16 ADA Mint Event 24 1.69 70 3 475 2
Bullrunner Neotader 8 ADA Mint Event 24 1.77 78 3.1 280 2
Ferrion Racer 3 ADA Mint Event 24 1.78 75 3.1 280 2



Originally Apex was like many other manufacturers beginning life with high ambitions, but after their CEO and founder nearly died in a horrific car crash he realised there is more to life and took the company in a different direction. Apex has since become a household name in the Cyberverse, a humble manufacturer meeting the needs of many, with no desire to be the classiest or fastest they have been able to concentrate on what truly matters, offering citizens a cheap independent means of travel.


Axiom was formerly known as the “Union of Autos” since the birth of CyberCars, but during the “Golden Age” it was bought outright and transformed into Axiom. Initially tasked to take on the likes of Pulsar, Axiom focused on the same core values of high end engineering and superb build quality. But since those days they no longer live in Pulsar’s shadow, they have created their own identity and gathered a mass following from various communities.


“Built for anything” is the motto of Bearus, the most reliable, toughest CyberCar maker around. They take pride in smashing records, conquering land never driven before, in fact a Bearus was the first CyberCar to cross all 7 Metalands. Lasting an entire lifetime has become apart of the brands soul, citizens liken them to watches being handed down through generations. The very first Bearus is still driven to this day by the long standing CEO Mr Bit.


BladeTech is a government funded manufacturer, specialising in advanced, military grade vehicles for Cyberverse’s most powerful citizens, including past presidents and royals. Having access to military tech means security and safety is a primary focus for the company and allows them to build vehicles that no other manufacturer could dream of making. Since their inception not a single BladeTech CyberCar has been breached, hacked or stolen.


Going back to old “States District”, one name was always at the forefront of representing everything they stood for, power and dependability, that name is BlitzMach. They were the first manufacturer to use a production line for their vehicles, meaning the “everyday citizen” could obtain a powerful, reliable car for a reasonable price. This has driven BlitzMach to look at new and exciting ways to keep costs down including the first Ai run factory.


Cio Ghini grew up on a lonesome dairy farm, at a young age he learned how to disassemble and reassemble an engine from his father, falling in love with the mechanical side of life. When he left home he started his own farm equipment company. Having amassed a small fortune he purchased himself a Ferrion, but soon became dissatisfied with the quality of the car, so he took it upon himself to create his own CyberCar. Torn between nature and machine he meshed the power of both and formed Bullrunner.


Ambition, Experimentation, unbridled imagination mixed with advanced technology is what lead Cyberlykos to be one of the greatest CyberCar manufacturers in a matter of years. Being the youngest manufacturer in the Cyberverse has come with pressure and high stakes, but that hasn’t stopped them from hitting the ground running. It all started with a young almost over-ambitious man still only known as Pxl gathering the brightest, most innovative minds into one building with a single goal in mind, “Challenge the concept of what a CyberCar can be”.


Ferrion was founded by Envo Ferrion, a passionate racer, and hard headed business man who would often clash with others in his drive to win. He captured the hearts of his fellow citizens through creating road cars that embodied everything he stood for, each one built with the beating heart of a racer. Even decades after his passing when you take the wheel of a Ferrion new or old you can still feel his soul running through each finger tip.


Hasher started life as a CyberBike manufacturer, what began as a small production quickly caught the eyes of the Cyberverse with superb build quality at an affordable price. This lead to a rapid expansion, building a new state of the art factory in the “Rising Sun District”. With the factory complete and their high knowledge of engineering flowing they decided to step out of their comfort zones and build their first CyberCar. From that day onwards they never looked back, building hit after hit, taking on rivals from all over the districts.


Hyron is considered by many as the “face” of Cyberverse and Cyberia, known for their large variety of car models ranging from sedans, supercars, and special collaborative projects with blockchains. Hyron takes pride in standing out from the crowd, taking design risks that pay off in an instant upon seeing one. They have been the fastest growing CyberCar manufacturer over the past decade and show no signs of slowing down.


The name LYNX is often mistaken to represent the now extinct animal, but in fact LYNX is an acronym of the founding members (Lutz, Yukimura, Novak, Xun). With each founder originating from different districts of old LYNX still takes pride in representing a multicultural attitude with everything they produce from CyberCars to electronic components. Being the second largest manufacturer of CyberCars means their reach and message spreads wide.


Neo-Sigma is believed to have been started by a woman born into wealth unobtainable by most, and yet that wasn’t enough for her. Spawning the idea of ultra-exclusive CyberCars, the rarest of rare, one off specials for the ultra wealthy and exclusive. They might have a niche market, but their quality and attention to detail is second to none. Sort after by the Cyberverse’s richest and most famous, you will be hard pressed to find one, and when you do you won’t be able to afford it.


Noder hails from the “Rising Sun District”, records indicate it was established before the first war under the name Suki, making it one of the oldest automotive makers still in production. It was later rebranded Noder and became a pioneer for combining advanced simplicity and raw driver connection to their CyberCars. It has sense cemented itself as a household name, their sports cars taking on the likes of Hasher, Pulsar and even Ferrion in the world of CyberRacing.


After the First War ended with mass destruction a prominent Government figure approached Din Pulsar, a professor of engineering to design a car for the masses. An easy feat for such a brilliant mind, after completing the work he decided to continue this journey by starting his own company Pulsar. Keeping to his values of high-end engineering, attention to detail and superb build quality Pulsar CyberCars became known and sort after world-wide by citizens from all walks of life.


When citizens began having more CYPX than they could ever imagine they needed ways to spend it, and companies like Neo-Sigma “couldn’t keep up” according to a junior salesman working for them at the time. He later quit, ventured out on his own and created Raven. Knowing the market, customers and a behind the scenes look at luxury vehicles Raven was able to find it’s footing quickly. The signature purple colour comes from using Cyberium weaved throughout their CyberCars, ultimately giving the sense of wealth and exclusivity.


Vexel was created through the need of cheap, economical transport via community collaboration. Before “The Great Void” over-population was at breaking point, public transport couldn’t handle the growing needs, and collapsed. Leaving millions without viable transit options. So a small group of unknown citizens banded together, used whatever materials they found in their local communities to create the “Nomad Mini”, the rest is history.