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Sketchy Dealer
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Update 240503

Sketchy Dealer

The Sketchy Dealer is an NPC who spawns randomly on the map of Cyberia and changes his position every 15 minutes.

Players can sell an unlimited amount of sellable items to him. However, his rates are 25% below the standard price. Additionally, there is a 5-25% chance that he will scam the player and pay even 25% less.


In the sprawling neon-lit metropolis of Cyberia, where the lines between humanity and technology blur, an orc whose name is unknown has carved out a niche for himself as a sketchy dealer.

In the age of rapid technological advancement, scientists created the "Cell-Merger Tank," a groundbreaking device that synthetically fused human DNA with that of monkeys and lizards, leading to the birth of new races. Through continued experimentation, human DNA began to mutate, creating people with altered body structures, later dubbed "Orcs" and "Elves" due to their resemblance to fictional creatures.

The Sketchy Dealer was one of the first of his kind, emerging from a laboratory deep within Cyberia's industrial district. As a young orc, he was shunned and feared by society, leading him to a life on the fringes. He learned to survive through cunning and sheer strength, eventually using his wits to establish a business in the city's underworld.

Now a bulky, imposing figure with emerald-green skin, mechanical cybernetic enhancements, and glowing yellow eyes that pierce through the darkness of the city's alleys, he is often seen wearing a long coat, a black hat, and a mask, adding to his mysterious and intimidating appearance. Despite his intimidating look, he has a knack for business and a reputation for buying items in unlimited quantities, making him a favorite among desperate scavengers and mercenaries. However, his deals come with a catch—he buys at rates 25% lower than the standard, and there's always a chance he might scam players for an additional 25% less, making him a risky but sometimes necessary business partner.

Operating from various hidden corners across Cyberia, he changes his location every 15 minutes to evade the authorities and maintain his freedom. His ability to move quickly and stay under the radar is enhanced by his cybernetic enhancements, which allow him to detect incoming threats and escape to new locations swiftly. This constant movement adds to his mystique, making him an elusive figure in the city's underbelly.