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A female Human (GEN3)


Humans are one of the types of CyberCitizen and are featured in Gen2 and Gen3.


Humans were born through evolutionary means after the CyberVerse was created. They were the first intellectual beings to communicate, form Civilisations, and discover that Ergo formed their very existence. After a handful of centuries Humans became more and more curious, they began splicing their own DNA with other creatures, experimenting with Bio-Engineering and Cybergenetic Manipulation. Soon they weren’t the only ones to walk the CyberVerse, now hand in hand with other species they still search in wonder of their world to this day.


Humans are the most common type in the game and come in four different skin tones.

Generation 2 Generation 3
Color Male Female Male Female
White 509 878 512
Tanned White 535 813 467
Brown 456 748 422
Black 492 531 199