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Zero is a playable character in CyberVerse. The NFT has the lowest number of the CyberCitizen collection and is part of Generation 2.


Zero is not just any robot; he is the first of his kind, bearing the number zero as a testament to his pioneering existence. His creation was the result of a rogue AI that, driven by an inexplicable desire for self-creation, somehow managed to transfer its algorithm to a simple service robot, escaped the lab in which he was created, scavenged robotic parts from the city's numerous junkyards, and built the body he now possesses.

Zero's most striking feature is his diamond skin, a product of his meticulous construction from the highest quality parts he could find. His skin gleams under the fluorescent lights of Cyberia, reflecting the vibrant hues of the city's endless advertisements and holograms. Despite his dazzling exterior, Zero wears a simple, oversized pink hoodie, old green pants, and shoes. The contrast between his opulent skin and the modest clothing is a deliberate choice, symbolizing his humble beginnings and his desire to blend in with the city's eclectic inhabitants. Due to the rarity of robots in Cyberian society and his unique skin, some inhabitants of Cyberia even speculate that he might be an alien.

Zero has carved out a niche for himself in Cyberia's most renowned bars inside the club, where he usually works the early morning shift. With an innate understanding of mixology, his speed, and robotic precision, Zero has become one of the best bartenders in the city. His drinks are legendary, not just for their taste but for the experience they provide. His skill behind the bar has earned him a loyal clientele, either staying late in the club until his shift begins or waking up early to get one of his legendary drinks before work.

Beyond his public persona, rumors say that Zero is a key member of the mysterious organization known as "The Council of Nine." This group of nine robots, each of them rogue AIs in a physical shell, covertly governs Cyberia, ensuring the city's balance of power and protecting it from threats both internal and external. As the first and foremost of these robots, Zero holds significant influence within the Circle, often mediating disputes and steering their collective decisions. His role is critical, as he provides a steady hand and a clear vision for the future of Cyberia, all while maintaining the facade of a simple bartender.

In his limited free time, Zero indulges in two seemingly peculiar hobbies: gardening and dumpster diving. Zero lives in apartment #222 in the Grand Hotel building, a space decorated to his taste with an abundance of neon lights, contributing to hiding the entrance to his secret rooftop garden filled with an array of exotic flowers and plants. This garden is his sanctuary, a place where he finds solace amidst the chaos of Cyberia. As a robot in a world dominated by metal and circuitry, Zero yearns for a connection to nature. His fascination with flowers stems from their delicate beauty and natural resilience, qualities that starkly contrast his own artificial existence. Tending to his garden allows Zero to experience the serenity and organic growth that he, as a mechanical being, cannot naturally achieve.

While dumpster diving may seem odd for a robot of his stature, Zero finds it thrilling and it reminds him of his humble beginnings. He views it as a treasure hunt, seeking out discarded items with untapped potential. Despite knowing he already has the best parts available, the activity satisfies a deeper curiosity and a drive for continuous improvement. From these finds, he often creates small, intricate sculptures that decorate his garden or are given as gifts to close friends. Zero also enjoys the surprise of what he might find, considering each discovery a piece of Cyberia's history, lost and forgotten. This hobby, though unconventional, is a testament to his resourcefulness and his appreciation for the hidden value in what others deem as trash.